The Great....Pubic Hair Debate?

Listen, I'm young, a virgin, not planning on having any sex soon, but there is a debate I have with myself everyday when I hop into the shower: where do I stand in the great pube debate? I've grown up in a society where "bald" and "cleanly" shaven is the normal, unquestionable at that, but what I can't understand is why? Media, school, life, they all seem to be pushing me to shave them off. Don't get me wrong, I've found great confidence in my body and decisions, and I'm not going to let that decide it for me. I know everyone is different, everyone prefers one thing or another so it's up to me, but will I be seen as acceptable (and the answer won't change my decision) to not shave/wax/remove my pubes? I've seen many of you share and comment how you dislike your natural birth given pubes, and that's fine, but I've never once felt ashamed or disgusted that I'm keeping mine. Pubes naturally don't stink, itch, or get in the way of sex (oral is a different matter, for which that I understand) as long ad you keep good hygeine. I don't see how itchy bumps, scratchy stubble (that starts coming up almost immediately afterward), ingrown hairs, and higher chances of STI's compares to my soft, natural, slightly trimmed, pheromone holding pubes. I cannot imagine how sex would be better with more friction, scratching, and tireless shaving. I'm sorry, I sound like I'm bashing everyone who does shave, but believe me I totally respect that option. So, honestly, is this acceptable for me? When the time comes that I do finally have sex, will my pubes turn into a brainwashed turn-off by my partner? I plan on bringing this up when the time comes however, and if they think against my pubes, well, forget you. I know I should "do whatever I believe in", and i totally will, but I want to hear actual opinions. I love and support my worry-free pubes, so give me input and your opinion on my matter. Thanks! 😊