Short cervix, hospital bed rest.

Hey all! I am currently in the hospital trying to keep my little guy cooking, and would love to have some people to talk with, as I might be staying until September:\. My husband will be going home soon (we have a 6 year old and he has something to do at school Monday etc.) So I will be pretty lonely and anxious, I would love to answer any questions for people going through the same thing. I was sent here yesterday after I had a cervical length measurement come back to be .31 cm long:( average is about 3.5 cm to 5 or so. I am 26 weeks +3, on a mag sulf. Drip and on hospital bed rest. They have said that if my cervix gains more length by tomorrow night I might be able to go home for rest! (PS sorry about the fogginess, this magnesium really is kicking my butt!)