I'm tired of visitors!!

My son will be 4 weeks old in 2 days. Every since he was born my fiances mom has came over every single day, sometimes more than once no matter what time. I really admire the fact that she wants to see her grandson but she doesn't have to come everyday! On top of that she purposely wakes him up if he's sleeping. She also has a two year old that is really dangerous around the baby. He shakes my sons bassinet and tries to pick him up. If she is holding my son he gets jeolous and jumps on her while she's holding him. He actually kicked my son once doing that. She thinks it's cute, but I'm so annoyed. She even came when she was sick. It's okay to visit, but everyday is a little too much. We're still adjusting. We need time alone. Am I wrong for thinking like this? How do I tell her to stop coming so much? Taking care of a newborn for the first time is tiresome I don't always feel like entertaining company.