Am I Even Needed?

So, my little girl was born yesterday morning at 5:56am and I love her to death. We're still in the hospital until tomorrow morning and I'm just feeling pretty useless. Since me and my fiancé aren't married yet I have no legal rights to my child in the state of Pennsylvania. I have to fill out 3 pages worth of paper work just to get rights. The birth certificate won't even list that I exist on it, and to get it amended will involve more paperwork and more time. I attempted to help her breastfeed (the lactation consultant gave us advice on what I could do to assist her), but when I attempted to do it I got fussed at by my fiancé. All I can do is change diapers really; which is something my fiancé is capable of doing even without my presence. I know it has everything to do with utero and skin to skin contact, but my baby hardly seems to ever want me to do anything to her. I know mom plays an important role, but I'm just feeling pretty unnecessary right now and I don't like it. This is my little girl as well and id like to feel like I'm useful and am necessary for her development during this early stages of her life; not just added support to help mom, but legitimately useful to my daughter. I don't know what to do.