Giving up on opks

Ttc baby number one. Husband turns 38 Tuesday, I'm 27. We agreed way back that if it didn't happen by the time he turned forty, we'd explore foster parenting and/or adoption. Anyway, I've been temping, using opks, fertile focus... You name it. We tried preseed for five cycles. So now, I'm going to try the whole "it'll happen when it happens if it happens" type thing. Mind you, even though I track, it's never had an effect on our sex life... That remains whenever we want, all throughout the month. We never wanted it to seem like temping and opks should be overbearing. But, it's time for me to give that up and try to just let it go. I'll be a fantastic mama one day, and maybe just giving up on those two parts of my day will do the trick. Any insight is welcomed. I am not down about it ... Okay, haha, maybe a little... But it's been a long road. I'm ready to continue the journey, I just think it's time to try unassisted. Baby dust to all you ladies! 💕