Itchy discharge- anything I can do to help? Starting to get unbearable!

Rachel β€πŸ’™ β€’ Angel 6/20/15 πŸ‘ΌπŸ’” Rainbow born 7/10/16

I've been having constant clear discharge that makes my underwear wet. Not like a yeast infection. And I'm so unbearably itchy that I'm starting to bleed. I tried using panty liners thinking they'd help and they made it worse. I am so miserable. I asked my doc last Thursday, I was only having the itchiness at that point. and he said it's normal to develop more yeast and that they can't prescribe diflucan anymore and to try Monistat. (Monistat makes me even more irritated down there so I can't use that.)

Sooo what are other things I can do to help with this itching? I've been taking baths or showers every day which helps for a little bit but once the discharge starts it's hell again. I'm out of ideas :(