Get. Her. Out!

Elizabeth • 29yo, married 6 years, mom of two (7 and 4) baby #3 due July 5, teacher
I am 37w4d with our third child and I have never been so miserable!!! I've had Braxton Hicks almost every day for two weeks, I'm having cramps in the back, my private is SO sore (tmi I know), and I'm not sleeping at all. I get 2-3 hours of sleep each night because of pains and nausea. I have a scheduled C-section on July 5, but (no judgement here) I hope she comes before then! I was never this miserable with my others... Anyone else feeling this bad? I can't be the only one!! I go today to the doctor and he's going to check me for the first time. I hope I'm dilated!!!