Me and my so

Ok so for the past couple days my so have been getting on my nerves. Btw I'm 28 and he is 27. So he like to go drinking with his friends. Sometimes I feel like he spend more time with them then me. So lately I've been feeling depressed and lonely. I tell him that and he gets mad and say well I'm here I don't know why you feel lonely. Like yesterday he had went to his friend house and I was cramping really bad. He told me that he wasn't gonna be that long. He left about 330 didn't come back till 10. So I was pissed and told to leave me alone. All he wants to is to hang out and I hate that. Maybe I'm just overreacting but I'm to the point I just wanna throw in the towel with him. What should I do????  I'm 7weeks and I'm tired of all the bull crap. I try not to stress about this situation nd just stay to myself