Mom and sister hoping baby comes early

Momma of 4
So the last couple of weeks my mom comments that baby needs to hurry up already (it's my third baby but first girl, so they're excited). I thought she just meant she wants time to fly because she's excited. Well yesterday while we were out to lunch for father's day, my mom and sister both said it again and this time said they've been hoping that baby will arrive this week and how can we hurry this up....I'm only 34 weeks! I was really taken aback and said ummm no, if she comes this week she will likely end up in the NICU and it's way too soon to hope she comes now. My mom then tells me she just feels it's time and maybe the Dr's are wrong about my due date (also a no, anatomy scan and every ultrasound has been right on target). I'm glad they're excited but I do believe that thoughts are energy and can effect things, and was upset that they have been wishing a preterm birth for me. I unexpectedly lost a pregnancy last year and had some issues with baby's placenta this pregnancy, so I've been especially protective of this pregnancy, haven't even announced my pregnancy on social media. Anyway just wanted to vent because I've been thinking about it since yesterday and it bugs me. Thanks for listening.