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Kayla • 31, married, little boy 2016, girl July 2018
Well I had the balloon in for 22 hours to help dilate my cervix more. Then Potcin for 13 hours. Pitocin started slow then gradually increased. Once at a 4 I was literally crying and yelling out in pain. We tried nitrous oxide but had no luck. I yelled to the nurse get me and epidural now! That was only 2 hours in our active labor. After that things 
 rogressed fairly well. So total I was in active labor about 13 hours before i reached 10cm. I started feeling pressure in my rectum so they tried to up my epidural which put his heartbeat in distress 3 times. After that they decided an emergency c section was the best as pushing would cause him more distress. Then he was born this morning at 3:12 am