Contraceptive effectiveness confusion!

Before I ramble on, I'll just break this down into simple questions:

- is the mini pill effective if taken every day at the same time without doing other things that would wreck it like being ill or on meds? Anecdotes from mum's net etc say it's not unless you're breastfeeding (like 80% effective, 99% if BF). They also say it runs out after 20 hours (4 hours before your next dose?) But all I can find online is its 99.7 effective (same as combined) and it's fine as long as you're on the dot with timings (as in, within the 3 hour window which I am)

- withdrawal method: my boyfriend is perfect at it, no accidents whatsoever. The question is, if he urinates beforehand, would his preejaculate (pre cum) contain sperm? Is it a good secondary contraceptive with the mini pill as long as I have not messed up my pills? (of course, messed up pills = condoms for 7 days no question).

Sorry if I sound dumb, it would just help me to understand this stuff since you only get 10 mins in the doctors and I can barely get an appointment as it is