Looking for a cycle buddy AF 7/7 I think

I'm 26 from Texas, high school teacher/coach, &&& a newly wed. So we were ttc #1 on our honeymoon in Barbados and I stopped taking my bc the day before our wedding. We both knew the chances were slim, but we tried anyway. Well AF made an unexpected visit (well I knew she'd come at some point after stopping bc lol so I guess it was an expected visit) any way... I decided I wanted to enjoy my white bikini so I jumped back on my bc for the remainder of the honeymoon. But officially stopped taking bc 6/10 and haven't even spotted  since then, which is odd because I usually start immediately after skipping/forgetting a pill. Maybe I confused my uterus. Any who, so my cycle is a little out of wack. Not sure when I am really ovulating (need to get a test). Not actually totally sure my AF is 7/7 based on above. Soooo anyone want to be this hot mess of a buddy cycle buddy??