Separation Anxiety... Too early?

I was just wondering if any other moms are experiencing this with their LO. My baby girl is 3 months old. And for the past week/week and a half, she gets so upset if she thinks I'm not near her! At least I think that's why she is upset. 
For example, I was at a bridal shower with her Saturday and my mom was holding her so I could eat. By the time I finishing eating and went to grab her, she was so inconsolable that she could barely eat :( then yesterday I was weeding the yard with my husband and she was on the porch in her rocks play and I guess she thought we had gone away because she got really upset. It like starts out as a whimper and if I don't get to her in time, she full blown cries hysterically :( it's so hard to get her to calm down even after holding her and telling her I'm here. Eventually, she will eat/suck and then just fall asleep. It's pathetic and it breaks my heart. Isn't she way too young for separation anxiety? Or could it be a developmental leap?