Need to vent


I am so tired of everything. I feel anxious and scare about the baby, and this past few days all that I want is to cry. I feel I am so not ready to be a mom. I am married, and I am 21 years old but I just don't feel ready lately. I told my husband, he didn't even care. We are moving today, and everything is just a mess. He gets piss off at me for everything even when I am really trying to be OK and be a good wife. I am just tired of everything. I wanted him to come back from his deployment, so we could do all this together. Although, I just want him to go back because I am tired of being put down. Nothing that I do will ever make him happy. I just cannot stop crying after he botch at me for 30 for choosing a couch he does not like.

I just needed to vent, so it could help me stop crying. Thank you ladies you all are more supportive than he is.