I am not sure my baby really needs to be on nutramigun a hypoallergenic formula


She had a little mucus in her poop for 2 days but poop was normal color. On that 2nd day we had her 2 week appointment so I mentioned it to the Dr. She asked if either me or hubby was lactose intolerant. Hubby is so she says baby probably is and had us switch her to hypoallergenic formula. We did and mucus went away but now she is way more fussy, a little on the constipated side, and a really bad diaper rash. Anyone familiar with nutramigun formula? I am wondering is she really needs it or did they overreact. Everything I read about lactose intolerant and a milk allergy doesn't mention mucus and the babies are 2 months not 2 weeks old.

Am I just crazy. Also the formula is double the price of regular formula so if she doesn't absolutely need it is don't want to pay for it.