Ondansetron aka Zofran

So I've been having a lot of vomiting and nausea throughout the day. For the last month. I've lost 14 pounds which the dr said was ok due to my weight anyway and baby heart beat is good. But she was concerned because it was preventing me from being able to eat and I was getting maybe one good meal a day if I kept it down. So she prescribed reglan. I was still vomiting so she prescribed ondansetron. It says it's safe for pregnancy but I was wondering if anyone has taken it and did they have any problems? I'm trying not to take it often if anything at least in the mornings when it is worse. I've tried everything else like ginger, peppermint, small meals, crackers, etc. any help is appreciated. Please no judgement. I feel bad I can't go without medication but I wanna make sure my baby is getting the nutrition needed. Thank you.