Is your SO your "type"?

Anti-Flirt Club
Just curious! Is your SO the type you always envisioned yourself with, or is your union a total surprise based on what you're normally attracted to? 
I personally couldn't have dreamt up anyone more my type than my fiancé. I never had a lot of physical "requirements," but there were always those few little things I secretly hoped my guy would have, shallow and silly as they were. I always had a thing for big, Roman noses (although in my fiancé's case, it's an Aztec nose), great sense of style, and beautiful thick hair that's not cut too short. I also had a weird thing about how his waist feels when my arms are around him. I liked the types that were "cute," but in a unique way. I find a lot of model-types boring to look at. Somehow I found someone with all of these bizarre little things and more. 
Personality-wise, he is 100% my type as well. He is outgoing, charming, romantic, but also kind as can be. I always went for the silly but sweet types, and that is totally him. If you're into Myers-Briggs, he is even an ENFJ to my INFP (supposedly a perfect match). 
It sounds really silly, and I never would have expected to find someone who matches every little thing. But I managed to find it! 
What about you?