Stressful but rewarding

So I started laboring well before I actually went into the hospital. For three days my contractions were about 15 minutes apart. I then woke up on Sunday with them 7 minutes a part and after some walking and rolling my hips on the yoga ball and a nice bath they were 4 minutes a part. We headed to the hospital and I was only 3 cm but I started to bleed heavily so they admitted me and kept an eye on me. After about 9 hours I was finally dilated to a 4. Then after about 12 hours in the hospital laboring naturally they decided to break my water and I got an epidural that didn't take on the right side. I then got a new one that didn't take on the left. Finally on the third try my legs were numb but my back and belly were not but I continued to labor and they started pitocin. The pitocin made my contractions too strong and reduced babies heart beat so they had to stop that. His heart beat continued to drop after each contraction and I ended up getting an infection from my water being broken for so long so they hurried for a c section. It took a while to get me numb enough for the procedure but when they finally did baby was out quickly but had to be rushed to resuscitation because he wasn't breathing and his apgar was a 1. That was the scariest moment of my life but after a few moments (that felt like a lifetime) he was doing better and scored a 7 on his second apgar. I was stitched up and joined my husband and baby boy in recovery where he latched on to feed immediately. We both are still in the hospital and he had to be on an IV for a while to get antibiotics and I'm still on them. I wound up with three blown veins and three different Ivs due to rolling veins but we are healthy and happy and at the end of the day I would do all of it again to see this sweet face every day. I went in with the intentions of having an all natural vbac which didn't happen and nothing about my birth was ideal however I feel so lucky to have such a beautiful baby in my arms now.