My favorite baby shower gift!

A • 👰🤵 10/4/15 👧🏼 👼 🌈 👼 🤰

I was so lucky to receive so many things for my girl...but my mom made me cry. Her mom passed away when she was nine and, a few years later, her house burned down. My grandfather was bitter about my grandmother's death and kept very few mementos of her. When he remarried, his new wife got rid of whatever was left.

My mom said that she doesn't know why, at ten years old, she felt it was important to hold onto the christening gown that her mother had picked out for her...but she did. Years later I was baptised in it and, at my shower, she gave it to me for my daughter.

I criiiiiied and criiiiiied. My pregnant girl emotions couldn't take it!