Sleeping 💤💤💤

My baby girl will be 6 weeks tomorrow and basically since she was being she hates being put down ! For the first 2 weeks she's screemed if I put her in her crib to sleep and she wouldn't sleep for anymore than an hour at a time in her crib if I got her sleeping sound enough before putting her down. Then she seemed to settle more and if get her to bed around 12am ish and she's sleep to 3am up for a feed then finally back to bed at 430 to 7. BUT the last 3 nights she's been impossible to settle and refuses to sleep anywhere but next to me. The other night she cried till 4am until I got her to sleep beside me. She does have reflux and is on gaviscon and is also nearly impossible to wind. Anyone else experiencing this with their baby? My older two where never like this and were even sleeping in their cots all night by now. This one will sleep all night if she's in beside me lol