Help! I know you guys aren't docs but..

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Okay so I'm looking for anyone who has experienced this. I'm 34 weeks 5 days and currently typing this from a hospital bed. A few days ago my doctor at one of my checkups thought that I might have preeclampsia (I already have gd) and ordered a 24hr urine culture along with me keeping an eye on my bp 4x a day because it was kind of high at my appt (like 128/83, not terribly bad). 24hrs later I turned it in and was told I would be called with the results on Monday. Monday came and no one called so I called my doc off and left a voicemail for my doc. Wednesday comes and my bp spiked to 138/115 so I called the on call doc and she prompted me to retake it with her on the phone. It was then 160/95 (nerves probably had something to do with it too). She then told me to head into the hospital and she would meet me there. She never met me there and I didn't even see a doc from my practice a whole day later 🙄 anyway, they were going to send me on my way, but then they discovered that the 24hr urine results had a protein level of 952!!😳 which is extremely high considering anything 3+ is considered high. They talked about inducing me but since im not as far along as they'd like and my bp stabilized they decided to keep me overnight and run more tests. (Let me mention I have other signs of preeclampsia just no high bp since hospitalized and baby is fine). So after doing another 24hr urine culture (my first one being so high the docs think it was a mistake) the new results are also high, 562. I will get to talk to a doc in about 2 hours but I just wanted to see if this has happened to anyone else. It's kind of aggravating because I keep getting different answers and no consistency with doctors. I'm so worried for me and LO 😰