What Should I Do ?

Lily`s Mommy
My mother wants me to stay with her while I'm pregnant and after I have the baby . But I would much rather work , have my own place and take care of myself in our home state of Mississippi where I will have the support of my entire family but not be relying on anyone .I just feel that if I'm grown enough to lay down and make a baby then I'm grown enough to take care of myself and that child . And all of my life she has told me to be an adult and do this and that but now that it's time for that , she's making me feel like a bad person by saying that I'm taking her only grandchild away from her . I just don't want to be a stereotypical child with a child living off of their parent . And the way my family is set up , she will beg me to stay , but then degrade me everyday that I'm there and talk about me . I don't want to leave and risk her hating me , but I don't want to be a burden either . And it's just so weird in the first place because I have never lived with my mother . And I'm 18 turning 19 by the way . Sorry it's so long but I'm just not sure what to do .