High blood pressure and pregnancy

Natasha • Me and my fiance are expecting baby #2 just a few month after baby #1! I'm 25 and he is 33.
Has anyone every dealt with high blood pressure during pregnancy (chronic or gestational)? I went in to my first OB appointment at 13 weeks 3 days and my BP was high and it was apparently high during my whole last pregnancy, but no one told me. It was high at the ER and at my other drs office. My OB put me on meds twice a day, I have to check my BP twice a day, have extra blood work being done Friday, along with a glucose test, and a lovely 24 hour urine catch to check for proteins, also an ultrasound every 4 weeks after my 20 week scan (that's really the only good thing about it). I had my daughter 4 weeks early due to blood pressure issues, but that was the first time they ever said anything about it being high. Knowing about the BP issues just makes me even more worried about this pregnancy.