Where do you like your man to cum?

Online dating apps men generally like to ask the same questions I've noticed. One being, where do you like a man to cum, now, personally I prefer he cums inside me because it feels so fucking good!!! But I always feel embarrassed to say that, incase they automatically freak out or think, oh fuck, she's looking to trap!!! (With a baby of course) so I never like to say it. Where do you ladies prefer a man to cum. And if I was honest to them do you think they'd like that? UPDATE: .... I am NOT a male lol, and I'm not on for any kind of hook up, I've slept with 3 people in my life and I'm 27, I doubt that makes me a 'cum bucket' lol. Nor do I just randomly engage in random sex conversations, in fact, I can't sex text if my life depended on it 😂😂 makes me nervous. And I'm shy. And lack so much confidence. But I did notice that after chatting to a few guys and getting to know them a little, it is a question they all ask. Eventually. That's where I usually stop replying. Tbh I was just curious what u others thought, or if I did met one guy I did like enough to answer it to, what would be the ideal answer for a man. Calm people. Maybe I didn't explain it properly. 😂😂