Princess👑💕 • I really want to make friends on here I hope people see me as a friendly person😭😂 and I'm also 15 .
Ok so on Saturday the family and I were going to the pool and it just so happens that my period has to come right when I'm about to go shower so I'm 15 and I'm a virgin still and my mom had never ever let me use a tampon before I told her that my period came and shit explained to me on how to use and insert a tampon so I've been using tampons ever since butttttt this morning I tried to put one in but it just hurt too much and it was like a stinging sensation so I tried to push it in more and hold the pain in but I just couldn't so I took out the thing that covers the actual tampon and it hurt to even walk cause cause it wasn't fully up there and when when I got upstairs I grabbed a mirror layer down and checked it wasn't fully in I could see the part where the string was attached to the tampon and it was right at my opening and it hurt and burned so much so I got up and since it was dry it hurt soooooo freaking much to pull it out and I was just wondering why all of a sudden this pain decided to come out of no where .?.?