Husband's Temper

Over the weekend my husband and I got into an "argument", I say "argument" because like every other time, it's just him yelling at me. It started Saturday night and has continued till today where he is ignoring me, giving me the silent treatment and basically acts like I'm not home. We usually go to his parents place together on Sundays but obviously I did not go yesterday. Yesterday he texted me saying he's "not cleaning up or entertaining me anymore" and that he can't keep up with cleaning our place, the apartments that we are paid to maintain, taking me everywhere  and watching his parents and that he "will move out" if I keep our place like a pig sty.
While he organizing our bathroom, he threw away my heating therapy pads so I had to dig through the garbage bin to take out; he also threw my heavy pillow and hoodie on the bedroom floor causing me to not be able to get into our bedroom without force.
In terms of cleaning the apartments, these are the apartments my uncle owns and which we are paid to help maintain them; it was him who suggested we help maintain them. We only maintain two and we are paid monthly; since we are living in my grandma's in law, the rent we pay her comes out of the fee we are paid but we are still left with $160 every month therefore we never have to use our savings our paychecks to cover rent.
This isn't the first time he has gone off on me about cleanliness or the fact that my dad needs help with the apartments; the arguments about cleanliness has started since we got married. Just last month, he went off on me about my father and threatened to move us to another city (that's only a 10 min drive from where we live now)
This also isn't the first time he's given me the silent treatment for days and he has a temper but he only takes it out on me.
I'm currently 33 weeks pregnant with our first baby and I'm really considering staying with a friend tomorrow night.
I couldn't have asked for a better husband and he's been so supportive throughout this pregnancy but when he gets mad at me, he gets MAD. My friend thinks he's emotionally abusive when he's angry with me.
I would like your thoughts and if it's wrong that I want to stay with my friend tomorrow night.