Who does?

Okay so I'm kelsey 21 years old mother to a amazing 6 month old girl. I have no friends anymore. And I really have trouble making them. I have 2 close friends that are always too busy. I need new friends new support systems someone to rely on and someone to have to help them get through there problems as well I live in a tiny town in ohio and it's hard to communicate and make real true friends. Anyone else the same way? Seams to me like true friends don't exist or are hard to come by. So come on girls let's have a whole post about who you are what your hobbies are what you do for a living how many kids how old etc planning on more s ok ngle or married and what ever your heart desires let's make friends and confessions and give LOVING advice with out ridicule. Anyone in ohio to? Even if you don't live close to one another it's ok. We need to make friends. There's so much I hold in miss out on or need help with. Let's do this starting now see how many lovely woman and strong beautiful woman or crap even dad's and men. We all need support and I'm here for every single amazing woman on this site. I love you all I'll comment below and start off who I am and what I do. A little about me. Let's go baby's even post baby pics pics of you! Whatever.

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