I'm hurt just need to vent

I think I'm done I tried to be there for somebody that has baggage & has PTSD but all he does is accuse me of cheating all I did was tell a coworker Happy Birthday & now he saids he knows I'm cheating I tried to get passed it & ignore his accusation I made a stupid mistake of marrying to quick I feel stupid I wanted my first marriage to be my last but I guess I don't get the pleaser to have that I'm so emotionally drained I have let him get away with so many accusations cause I understand having a mental illness & unfortunately not a great childhood I asked for him to therapy to take advantage of the fact that he gets benefits from the VA he always turned it down I even ask to go to couple therapy also refused He always packs his stuff & comes back but I think this time I'll have to put my foot down I can see how this relationship has become toxic & I deserve much better. Sorry just needed to vent.