Pumping extra


After my first was born, we had a long battle trying to figure out the nursing thing. He couldn't latch and being the rookie that I was, I didn't IMMEDIATELY start pumping when my milk came in. Thus my supply dwindled to almost nothing within 24 hrs. At the same time we came to the dreadful realization that baby was not getting any nutrients. Like, at all. Luckily he started at 9lbs, so he could spare a little weight before complete panic. I felt like such a failure. On top of that, my lactation consultant basically said there was nothing she could do, he needed a cranial sacral therapist, and maybe even a lip tie procedure. But I'd have to see yet another specialist to be sure. All this was coming out of pocket and we already didn't have the help we were promised from the insurance company for the birth.

Long story short, I spent the next three weeks either glued to my baby, trying to get him to at least attempt to latch, or glued to the breast pump -- desperately squeezing out a half teaspoon at a time. I added formula to these precious drops so baby could at least get something. Yet I dreaded he would never want Me again. Slowly, slowly my supply came back and the level of formula lessened. We started using a nipple shield as a transition. One evening at about 3 weeks.... he just got it. Nothing had changed, he just figured it out. So let this be an encouragement to you if you find yourself struggling. It can be done.

In fact, when I started back to work around 4 months postpartum, I pumped again. I was only working part time, but I had so much milk, baby could never have finished it. So I donated it through a local Facebook page. It amazed me how many other moms out there needed it! Right in my area. Have any of you done this before?