King made his arrival

Heavenly • Queen to an amazing King. Raising 3 Princess. Waiting patiently for our Prince to compete our family.💙August 4th 2016💙
So on July 25th i noticed i was leaking slightly....i convinced myself i peed, luckily i had an appointment the same day, i went to my doctor and told her she tested and said i tested positive for my waters so they sent me to l&d once there they checked me again and determined it was not my water and that i was only 3 centimeters so they sent me home. That same night i began having contractions that were pretty painful but not consistent at all. I managed to fall asleep until about 6 am i woke up with contractions about 5 mins apart, my SO was getting ready for work and i was outside in the driveway walking back and fourth trying to relive the pain. At around 7am my bestfriend came over on her way to work to check on me, by this time contractions were about 2 mins apart. My So and friend kept asking if i needed to go to the hospital but i kept saying no fearing i would be sent home for the 2nd time. About 30 mins past and my friend and SO were about to head to work, they asked me one more time if i needed to go, the pain was getting so intense i decided it was time to go in. Once i got to l&d they hooked me up to monitors and checked my cervix i was 4-5 centimeters, they let me marinate for about an hr came back to check me and determined i was 5-6 so they admitted me around 9am. By this point i was in so much pain i was begging for an epidural, they informed me i would be able to get it after my bloodwork came back. I sat there trying to breath through the contractions, i was in so much pain i just knew i was gonna die right there. About an hour passed and they finally came in with my epidural. I was finally able to relax and get some rest. At 3 pm they checked me again and i was about 7 centimeters and the doctor said my contractions were not progressing like they wanted so they broke my water. I watched some tv for a while then noticed i was starting to feel contractions again i called the nurse in and they told me the epidural works with gravity so they had me roll over on my side, 30 minutes later i began feeling the urge to push with each contraction. The doctor came in and we did a practice push, she told me to stop immediately and told the nurse it was time and to get the delivery team in there. While they were setting up i told the nurse i had to push and she said go ahead......3 pushes later King arrived at 4:20 pm weighing in at 6lbs 6 ounces 20 inches long! This was my 4th and last pregnancy with my first baby boy....i am beyond blessed with a beautiful healthy baby.