Baby wearing and inappropriate comments!

C&G <3 • Whelp we are a comfy family of 4

I love baby wearing and we do it a LOT since we as a family hike, swim, explore and all a lot mostly swimming since our 11yr old adores it. Now locally we have lakes, rivers and waterparks but we loathe the crowded waterparks so rarely go.

SO we hike to find rivers with swimming holes. Or just visit lakes/waterfalls.....

The past 3 trips have been.....interesting. our first incident happen last week we were hiking up to the falls when a lady stops me to TELL me my baby is getting too hot....first off its 72 in this area, 2nd i check him constantly (did these hiking trips with my first born and been doing it for 3 weeks with our new lil squish know what I'm doing) 3rd he isnt swesting but is passed out happy as a lark and 4th we have a hand fan we use. I told her um no he's fine and she leaves in a huff complaining about irresponsible really?

The next again hiking up to a waterfall that is more well known and a easy hike so more people but again a nice 78 just gorgeous day AND there is a wonderful slightly hidden swimming hole. Being easy we took the grandparents along. Wanting to get some pictures i came down to the base of the cascade falls take pics of the kids then walk my son back up to my grandparents coming back down so i can get closer to the falls. Long storyshort this woman sees me come back down without my baby and goes looking for my infant when she can't find him (she thought i left him in the woods!!)she confronts me demanding to know where i left him so she can go get him!. what the fuck NONE of your business bitch!

The latest we went driving over a mountain a friend told us about with a bald rock....i strapped lil man in walked out on the rock and some old bitch says "is she crazy bringing that poor baby out here!?"....seriously what the hell is wrong with people today!?!