"I wish I could be happy for you."

Shauna ā€¢ PG #1 chemical Harrison, born 2/13/17 šŸŒˆšŸ’™ Baby #2 due 3/31/20

I just showed a close family friend my new ultrasound pic. I had told her early on that I was pregnant and texted her the pic as an update. She came back with, "i wish i could be happy for you. I'm just worried about you". I deleted her response i don't even want to see that. So what if I'm young. All my life ive dreamed of having my own family and my own baby and its finally coming true and I'm so happy. Why the hell do people have to be negative toward this?! This is my family and my child, if you cant be happy for me what the hell!

EDIT: I'll repeat what i said in the comments. I'm 21 now, I'll be 22 when the baby is born. I see single 16 year olds who live with their parents on here being applauded for their pregnancy. I'm not even that young. I'm fully prepared to care for a child!