To Her.

You've known and worked with him for little over 4 months. You knew he moved out here with me and to be with me, your boss informed you of this. You knew I was pregnant and almost due with his child. You knew he was 24 while you are 17. What in the world makes you think it's okay to lay your hands on him? What makes you think it's okay to bite him? What in the hell makes you think it's okay to try and ruin someone's family?

I tried to be friends with you, showed you our ultrasound pictures. Complimented you. Tried to be nice.

He's just as much at fault. We were falling apart and he wasn't firm enough with you (your boss showed me the surveillance videos). Even lied to me about you, talking about how the hickeys weren't from you, you had a boyfriend and were a good girl. Until the day I finally got him to tell me who they were from.

He's dealing with his punishment, he's got me constantly reminding him, he's dealing with my moods of love and disdain. But he was given the choice of having his family or having you. He chose me and his daughter, his family, which I'm thankful for because I love him. I might hate him some days for what he's done, but I do love him.

You on the other hand, I hate with a passion. I won't show you any kindness. For someone whose supposed to be a good Christian girl, you're nothing but a horrible person.

All of this has destroyed me. I no longer feel like im good enough for him or what he wants. I've known all along that I'm not his 'type' but he still fell in love with me. He's still comforting me that I am good enough and I am what he wants. He's got alot to prove because of you, and he's trying. But because of you, I can't trust him like I did. Because you decided to try and ruin a family.

But in the end, he's still mine. He's still the love of my life and trying to get me back. Trying to get us back. While you, get to watch and wonder when you'll hear from me. I've been nice and not said a single word to you only because I haven't seen you. But when I do, I will not touch you. I'm more of a woman than that. But I will ask you what made you think it's okay. I'm prepared that I might not like the answer, but I deserve to know.