FTM delivery

Amy • Met my hubby in 2011 we became great friends, started dating 10/14 and were married July 2015. Now we are a family of 3! 👶 Baby #2 on the way!

July 10th (my one year anniversary) I had been having consistent non painful contractions all day, i felt tired and run down but otherwise okay. Around 3:45 pm I was bouncing on my yoga ball, for fun not to induce labor, and all the sudden i thought i peed myself so i went to the bathroom. When i stood back up i felt more coming out. I was not entirely convinced, because i hadn't experienced it before, but was pretty sure my water broke. So still with no strong contractions my husband and i packed the car , took our dogs to our parents, then went to the hospital getting there about 5:30 pm. I was almost dilated to a 5 and thinned 85% they started me on pitocin at 6:00 because i still was not having painful contractions. By 6:30 i was at a 7 and 90% thinned so i got my epidural. Everything sped up from there. 7:30 i was thinned all the way and at a 9 but the contractions were right on top of each other making my babies heart rate drop. They kicked everyone out of the room, put me in oxygen, stopped my contractions, put a monitor on my babies head and one in me for my contractions. A few hours later my baby relaxed and then we were just waiting for him to drop down where he needed to be to push. We had him at 1:26am July 11th. A perfect little boy at 6lbs 12 oz 20 inches long.

I was in actual labor for about 7 hours did 3 sets of pushes and half way thru the 4th he was out. I only had a very little tear. And very easy delivery. Or so I'm told.

Things that i didn't experience that i was terrified of was pain while pushing him out, i was up and walking 3 hrs after delivery,i had no pain using the bathroom peeing or poop, i only ever needed ibuprofen and only 2 days because i never really had pain just pressure, I finished bleeding completely 2 weeks pp, never peed myself. I had worked myself up for months over peoples horror stories of delivery and pp and I thankfully didn't have any of that.dont know how i got so lucky.

Easy pregnancy, easy delivery id do this all over again in a heartbeat! Love my little man so much!