Grieving whilst being pregnant

At 12weeks pregnant my brother was involved in a car accident. His bestfriend was driving (ryan) my brother and Ryan were inseparable. He never had many good friends but Ryan was his soul mate and sadly Ryan passed away the night of the accident, Ryan is our hero he took all the impact of the incident saving my brothers life but my brother hasn't been the same since. This took a big impact on my family. 
At 18weeks my mum suddenly passed away unexpectedly. I also found her in her home, which has made this so much harder too forget. She was only 42. I'm carrying her first grandchild that she never got too meet. I'm so heartbroken by it. But I just needed to know if they're any other expectant mothers that are grieving and if so if they'd like to talk about it with me as I wish too know if they feel the same as I do at a time like this. The only thing keeping me sane at the moment is my unborn baby girl 💗