Grace Lynn was born on July 2nd

Grace Lynn was born on July 2nd! 5 days before her due date. On Wednesday I had gone in for my doctors appointment and had my membrane sweep. Come Friday (July 1st) I was so over being pregnant. I called in to work for the day and was crossing my fingers she would come over the weekend (partly because I was over being emotional at work as well!). While I was home on Friday I tried to stay active and cleaned the whole house. I drank a bunch of pineapple juice, sat on an exercise ball and tried some nipple stimulation but nothing had worked. Later that evening around 9 I went to feed the dogs. I bent over and when I stood up it felt like I pee'd. I took a couple more steps to the front room where my husband was, every step I took more came out. I looked at him and said 'either my water broke or I pee'd myself'. He jumped up a little panicked and showered really fast, I still wasn't having contractions. We got to the hospital and they checked to make sure if was my water. When they found out it was, they started me on pitocin to get things going. Since this was my first pregnancy I decided I would try to go without an epidural but by the time I was dilated to a 5 I was done, the contractions were to close together to even catch my breath In-between them! They came in and gave me an epidural at 2 am. By 10:00am I was dilated to a 10. The nurse came and showed me how to push an had me practice a couple of times. She then made me stop because she could see the babies head and the doctor was still on his way. When the doctor got there I pushed a handful of times and she was here at 10:35am. 😍