My Princess Laylah😍

So I got induced Thurs(midnight) 7-28-16. I was already 3cm(didn't know at the time) before they started me on Pitocin. PitocinMu doc ordered the nurse to start me on Pitocin slowly cause she wanted to deliver me early. in the morning...So fast forward, I'm laying in the hospital bed & I felt a pop(didn't know it was my water that broke cause I never experienced it with none of my pregnancies& this is my 5th pregnancy by the way). So the nurse came in & started to increase the Pitocin(I didn't tell her I felt a pop until they were ready to deliver me) forward by 9 something I was getting prepared to deliver my doc showed up, asked me how I was doing, she started getting info from the nurse who was taking care of me @ the time & they were putting on their hear(ugloves & stuff) & out of nowhere my just slid right on out of me lol at 9:29 am 7-29-16...not one single push I had to doc & the nurses wasn't fully ready/prepared yet so they had to hurry up once my baby came out..she came out weighing 6lbs & 8.8oz 19 3/4 in..when I tell you that was the most fastest & easiest delivery ever, & it was so funny that even my doc & the nurses started laughing how she just slipped on out of me like that lol..I had no problems nor did my baby girl. I delivered her @ 38 wks & I decided that this was it for me(yup got my tubes tied) so now I'm a proud mother of 5 ( 3 girls 2 boys)😍 here's a pic of my Princess I took 8-2-16 caught her smiling while she was sleeping