Think i am going to delay to tell my mom...


My mother has always been one of the first to know about my pregnancies, right after my husband. Usually within a week of a postive hpt. I was thinking about telling her tomorrow evening, but she just got some bad news today.

My mother had cervical cancer about 16 years ago, then a free floating cancer just earlier this year. Well she went to the doctor the other day because she found a lump on her breast. Her doctor immediatly found it, and another doctor they called in found it too. The took photos and found that it was 2 and a half inches big. So they immediatly did an ultrasound and found that it is not a cyst but a mass. Doctor says there is a 15% chance it is benign, but they think because of the size time is a factor. She has an appointment for a biopsy on the 10th of this month, and will have the results on the 15th.

Our first ultrasoumd is the 15th. I really wanted to tell her early, if not wait until that first ultrasound and suprise her at work with it. But i don't know what i should do now. I know she has to be stressing out, and i don't want to... i don't even know. She knows we have been trying since Feb last year, and she has been very supportive, so it is not like it would be adding stress, but i don't want to make her think she has to feel excited about baby when she is worried about her health.

I don't know what to do to help her out. I am still really early, but morning sickness has been around prior to the positive, so i have been limiting my time spent with my family so they would not suspect anything.

Any advice.