38 weeks membrane sweep. Due 8/17/16

Zenobia • Wife to the love of my Life. Mother to a 6 year old Princess. And due August 17, 2016 with our love child! So excited!
Well I had my 38 week appointment today. She checked me and said I'm almost 4cm dialated 60% effaced and baby is at a -2. She also sai she doesn't think I'll make it to 40 weeks and I'm hoping she right even though she said the same last week convincing me that my baby will be here in a few days! She also did the sweep in me which did hurt while it lasted but now I just feel a few cramps every now and then. I have a little thick discharge but that's normal. I'm just ready to have this baby already! Has anyone else been where I am and had to wait long or am I almost done??? My doctor told me as soon as contractions start that I don't have to wait and to head straight to the hospital because I'm already dialated enough! I'm so excited! Come on baby!!!!