Funny but embarrassing story!!

I went with my aunt and brother to get my mom from the airport✈. We got one of those cart's to put her luggage on; after we put the luggage in my aunt's truck(we were parked in a 5 story parking garage)My aunt say's "ericka get on and I'll push you" my dumbass was like "OK but you better be able to stop" she replies "Just get on I'll be able to stop" I jump on and she Start's pushing. She get's faster and faster and faster; it felt like she was going down hill. I start getting nervous and I told her "ok you can stop now" but she kept going. so my stupid ass thought it would be a good idea to stick my foot on the ground and try to jump off but instead BAM! I land flat on my left ass cheek right onto my back. lucky I saved my head BUT the most embarrassing part was I peed myself when my ass hit the ground😳. I started laughing and I can hear my mom yelling "omg ericka are you ok? are you hurt?" I just laying there laughing really hard😅. I told her I was fine and got up off the cement, I walked towards the truck and told my mom "mom I peed myself" she enjoys reminding me "ericka you just had a baby and not your first, your body is not the same as it was"😢. It was so bad, it soaked my underwear and my pants. I was never embarrassed in my life. I had an hr n a half drive back😑.