I've had a weird month!
My husband was traveling for work so I wasn't tracking my ovulation day, because I was alone for a few weeks. I have an idea of when because my breasts become super sore for about 3 days. 
Anyway he came home early and we did our thing. I'm 2 days late now.. My breasts have been sore for about a week now and feel big! I know this sounds crazy but I've been a little A cup my whole life so I know they're fuller!, I had terrible stomach aches for about 5 days - no foods agreed with me. Yesterday and today I have mild cramping off and on (not like my usual period cramps) and last night I had a tiny bit of brown spotting in my panties but nothing since. I'm going crazy! To test or not to test?? I feel like I should wait because I'm nervous to!! But so so anxious!