So a girl asked my fiancé to coffee to catch up and he didn't say anything back to her, but I wish he would just tell her no. I know I'm just being a brat, but I always tell guys no, or I bring him up or I say we can both hang out. Just anything to deter guys.
I trust him, I'm just hormonal and wishing he would tell her to just leave him alone 😩 lol
Edit: I could talk to him, but he will just text her back and say he can't and then I'll feel bad. I don't want to be needy or anything. Just venting, knowing full well that I'm being silly.
Edit: another edit because I can't reply anonymously. He would never meet a girl for anything, he just ignored it. It's like a silent rule that we just don't hang out with the opposite sex. We trust each other, but don't trust others to always respect our relationship.