Beth (Children's story)


This is more or less a children's scary story I'm typing from loose memory. I am posting this because my son loves to try to read with me but most stories are too graphic for him.


There was once a man named Rick who had a farm with horses, one of which was a grey mare named Beth. Beth was a nice horse and Rick loved riding her, showing her off, and giving her treats.

One day Rick went to a circus with his friends and had their fortune told by a old woman for fun. The old woman peered into her crystal ball and told Rick that his favorite horse Beth would be the death of him. Rick laughed and told the old woman that would never happen. Beth was a nice and friendly horse who loved him, why would she hurt him?

Rick went home and thought more about what the old woman said and became worried that what she had told him was true. Would Beth really hurt him? He worked himself up over it so much that he stopped riding her for fear he would fall off, then he stopped showing her for fear that she would trample him, and then he stopped giving her treats for fear that she would chomp off his fingers.

For years Rick only fed Beth with the other horses and interacted with her when he had to until Beth became old. Rick decided one day that Beth was still such a nice horse and deserved attention but he was still too afraid to do so. So he gave her to another man who had children who could ride her and give her plenty of attention. Rick was so pleased for Beth to be so happy in her twilight years.

A year later Rick talked to the man who he gave Beth to and he said that Beth had gotten sick and had died, so he put her in his pasture to decompose. Rick was sad after hearing this, and asked if he could go pay his respects to his old friend.

Rick went into the mans pasture and found Beths Skeleton. He said goodbye and leaned over to pet her sun beached skull one more time and regretted not spending more time with her because of what some old woman had said. As he patted her a rattle snake struck out from under the skull and bit him. The old woman was right all along and Rick died next to his best friend.