ILY: Who Said it First?

Who said 'I love you' first?  You or your SO?  My significant ex said it first over the phone while on a trip to Mexico and I said it back because that's how I felt. 
I am dating a new guy now and he is the best boyfriend ever.  Exactly the kind of guy I hoped I would find and I am so thankful I found him.  I definitely love him but haven't said it yet because I'm scared to.  It is difficult for me to initiate vulnerability, although I can always reciprocate.  I would rather he say it first, but I will tell him when the time feels right.  
I did say it to him on Wednesday night; but he was asleep so he couldn't hear me lol.  I wanted to practice saying it and practice not hearing it back, just in case haha. 
I would love to hear your stories!