Social media ?

Toya • Mommy of a babygirl (: ! Girlfriend to my love of 8 years 😍

Kinda long vent .

How do y'all feel about having social media while in a relationship ? Is there any rules/restrictions ?

I been with my boyfriend/baby daddy for 7 years and we have never had social media while together but when we took a break we did but when we got back together we cut it off . well about a year ago his friend tried to get with me and his friend lied and put the blame on me well to get me back my boyfriend made a Instagram and was talking to other females . well I recently found out he still gets on it but claims its not him its the person who made it for him which I don't know who did . but its kinda hard to believe because he liked a video his sister put of me when I was prego so why would the person who made it like it it had to have been him , right ? Idk I just feel like he still does get on it and when I asked he got all mad and stuff . but if it was me who had one it would be a different story . I just want him to be honest and let me know if he is on it like we have a daughter now there's no reason to be talking to anyone else and if he wants to he needs to be a man and tell me instead of doing it behind my back .

Sorry its so long don't really have girlfriends to talk to 😢 .