Husband. ....


So I know I have been overly hormonal lately but I feel like I'm getting no help at home at all. My husband and I have been at each others throats the past 3 months. I am due anytime now my dr told me. For some reason my husband doesn't care at all. He has been going out to the bar every chance he gets while I sit at home with our two kids and one on the way. It is very hurtful how unsupportive he is and mean he can be. We haven't slept together or had intercourse for 3 months. Tonight he told me I am to hard on my kids as I did yell at them for not getting their room clean which I have been asking for 2 weeks. And that I am no longer attractive to him. I am at my breaking point. I want out of this marriage! I can not be married to someone who treats me like this.

Now I just got snap chats from an old friend of his who is a girl of him out drinking with her.