This may be long but i just need someone to talk to if anyone would talk to me:( 
Me and my boyfriend talked last night and we both agree that theres something that doesnt feel right in our  relationship, our conversations hardly  flow, we hardly talk when we are together and i find it really hard to get in the 'mood' sometimes. This has been happening for a couple of weeks now and we have only just spoke about it. I find most of our conversations become awkward so then we both dont know what to say and just stop talking.
So we was speaking at mine about all of this and his mates came speeding down my street Making so much noise that i kicked him out so he could get rid of them (i got so annoyed as they scared my neighbours and pissed of my family)
He went out and i simple asked if he was with any girls and he said no ( im not controling its just his mates invite their girlfriends out and he doesnt invite me) anyway he said no and that his phones gonna die and he will charge it soon. I never got a text after that and i found out from one of the girls snapchat story which i was just scrolling through everyones that he had been with girls and all these people, i feel heart broken.
I probably havent explained this clearly but i dont know what to do