I'm so confused HELP!

I need a girl talk, I'm not the guru of sex and I'm so confused I need an advice or an explanation. Ok so yesterday I was with my hb and he just try to go down and we were at his mother apartment so you can hear everything, like EVERY sound so he was down me and his breathe and the fealing, so I just start laughing because I was so damn nervous and that happened to me (it's the worst) so he stopped and get so mad at me that I couldn't handle I try to walk away and he just told me "you don't know wthat this means to a man" and I in my mind I was like (I don't know what the fk this means I just laugh for 1 minute, not a big deal) so he gets really mad and start to telling me that I just want him for fuck, that he was an sexual object for me, and I simply get lost, like seriously it wasn't a big deal so I leave the place and till today we haven't sayd a word. 
PLEASE!! Could you girls help me understand, maybe it's a secret code or was a really bad thing, or it's a mans code 😭😭😭😭 help me understand (by the way this never happened to us, we have a healthy sex relationship)