It has been quite a struggle to get to this point

It has been quite a struggle to get to this point. I had a miscarriage in late November 2015. I was 13 weeks along. I did not require a D&C so it took 4 months for my HcG to cling down to 0. During this time, I kept taking pregnancy tests and they came up positive, so I would always get really excited only to find out, this was still residual from the miscarriage. I had weekly blood draws until my levels went down to 0. That happened in March. Since March we have been trying. I used the Flow app to track my ovulation and periods. This month I was beginning to think it wasn't going to happen again for me. I had sore breasts, but began having cramping. I had resigned that I was getting my period. My period was a day late, but because my period has not been regular since the miscarriage, I decided to test. To my surprise it was faintly positive! I was so incredible happy, but am still cautious. I hope and pray for a full healthy pregnancy and baby. Wishing everyone who is trying success this month!!!