he wants a baby but won't marry me yet... 😕

So I have been with my boyfriend for over year we live together we also moved cross country together I mentioned to him when we first met that I want to wait until I was engaged or married before I had a baby with anyone now that we're still together I got off BC because we decided to start trying all though I brought it up in the beggining that I would wanna wait till marriage he seems to be telling me he's ready for me to have his baby . I haven't brought it up again because it does bother me a little that I told myself I would wait this whole time  but why would he wanna have a baby with me but won't want to even bring marriage shouldn't that come up first? I know it's too soon I wouldn't expect him to marry me after just a year with me but I'm ready to have a baby but I would just rather be atleast engaged first . How's should I bring it up to him again without seeming demanding ?